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“We are the 68%!!!” – Kickstarter update 1/5 from 4/13/16

Early Prototype Color Samples
Early Prototype Color Samples

“Just like the recent “Occupy Wallstreet” protests, we too have a mission. To provide a safe and versatile scarf solution to those who are active. Active can mean, world traveling in need of a safe place to stash the passport/phone, surfer/hiker who might get chilly hanging out after their workout, or someone who walks from their car to the office and it’s chilly. We don’t discriminate, we just know that everyone is active in different ways and we have the answer INDO-SCARF!

We’ve been kicking butt with 789 video views and 68% of our funding goal reached. We’ve narrowed down our fabric choices and above are a few designs that we have been playing around with. We’ve decided to make a “Dog Walker” scarf that is a neon yellow and purposed for walkers, joggers, and bikers who want to make their presence known when out for a stroll/ride. Not all of these designs will be offered and I promise that the other scarves will be much more fashion conscious than the “Dog Walker”.

Thank you so much for the support and I’m excited for us to wrap up the final week of crowdfunding with a big push and get the infamous Indo-Scarf in full production. Would love any feedback and please help share the project to the rest of the scarf community!


The Scarf Guys”

P.S. Click here to pick your scarf and join the party!

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