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The Final Lap – A race to the hearts and necks of scarf lovers everywhere – Kickstarter update 4/5 from 6/30/16

Final Indo-Scarf Color Options
Final Indo-Scarf Color Options

“Good morning Indo-Scarf Nation!

I am excited to be writing you on my Birthday with only good news.  A lot has happened in the last 2 months and most importantly we are approaching July and looking to deliver the scarves on time.  Let’s do a quick rewind though, over the last 2 months we have:

  • Applied for an Indo-Scarf Credit Card
  • Filed for our LLC Business License
  • Built the framework for our Website ( – Check it out!)
  • Sampled hundreds of fabrics and have landed on a great fit
  • Beat down doors of contract manufacturers, testing the capabilities of a few now before pushing 100% production their way
  • Created buzz with our Social media accounts (Instagram: indo_scarf, Facebook: @indoscarf)
  • And ordered bulk zippers (strange buying zippers not attached to my jeans or coat!)

With all of that said we have been moving steadily along and couldn’t be more excited to deliver the Indo-Scarf soon.  The fabric we have landed on is a soft/smooth Polyester that is moisture wicking and provides UV protection.  We think that you are really going to like the material and color scheme alike!

You will be receiving a survey from us in the near future asking for your scarf selection and current address.  Please make sure to fill that out shortly after receiving as it will be the last key information we need to ship out your very own Indo-Scarf.

Aside from that have a great weekend celebrating my birthday, I mean the 4th of July and please check out our developing website and social media pages!

Thanks for all the continued support,

-The Scarf Guys”

P.S. Click here to pick your scarf and join the party!

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