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Scarves Are Ready…And Just In Time For Fall!!!

Hello Lovely Indo-Scarf Donors, Followers, Family, and Friends!

Indo-Scarf Collection
Indo-Scarf Collection

The manufacturer I talked about in the last update came through and I am delighted that the first part of the order is being picked up today.  This means that scarves will be shipped out later this week to everyone who has filled out the survey letting us know which scarf or scarves they would like and their mailing address.

It has been a wild ride and we appreciate you sticking with us while we got everything worked out.  This is just the beginning for us and we hope that you will stay in touch and share your adventures as you continue to wander, whether in your backyard or around the world.  Feel free to drop us a comment on our site, shoot us an email at, or check us out on social media (FB: Indo Scarf, IG: indo_scarf, Y: Indo-Scarf).

We are still waiting for responses from the following people and I will start to reach out to get the necessary information.  In a Liam Neeson from Taken voice “I have a very specific skill set…I will find you, and I will survey you”!

  • Brian L.
  • Renee H.
  • Bryan J.
  • Andre Habib
  • Christopher M.
  • Kris G.
  • Rick M.
  • Corbin H.
  • Tyler D.
  • Mark J.
  • Aimee
  • Chelsea A. U.
  • Breanne M.
  • Jordan T.
  • Suzi B.
  • Kieran D.
  • Christian L.
  • Houston H.
  • Ronnie P.
  • Dan H.

That’s all for now, enjoy the fall and I’m sure we’ll talk to you soon.


-The Scarf Guys

P.S. Click here to pick your scarf and join the party!

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