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Pick a Color, Any Color! – Kickstarter update 5/5 from 7/29/16

My Grandma testing out her special edition Indo-Scarf in Colorado
My Grandma testing out her special edition Indo-Scarf in Colorado

“Greetings all!

This is the last update necessary before the distribution of the Kickstarter rewards. We’d like to thank you for your support and following on this ride, and hope that you will continue to follow our journey to Rad Neck-wear and Beyond via our Website and Social Media pages(IG: indo_scarf, FB: @indoscarf).

We’ve undergone our first hiccup in production with losing touch with our planned Manufacturer.  We had a call scheduled earlier this month to finalize details, but it was to follow a surgery that Dan’s Wife was having on Cancer.  I’ve tried several times very graciously to touch base with no luck.  So for now we move on to another partnership, keeping Dan’s family in our prayers.

Below you will find the 5 Primary Scarf colors and their respective pocket options:

-The Neon (Dogwalker) Scarf is a high visibility material for the active-wear in mild temperatures.  It will make sure to keep you safe on the road regardless of you activity…like roller blading, cough cough, or walking the dog.

-Charcoal, Pink, Light Brown, and Teal are the other Scarf options, each with 4 pocket colors to choose from.  The combinations offered provide a complex combination of sleek and sophisticated.  With their UV Protecting and Moisture Wicking capabilities they have been travel and hiking approved as well as everyday use approved in the Rockies, Appalachians, Boston, Ontario, Pennsylvania Grand Canyon (look it up, it’s real), and Wrightsville Beach to name a few. ***Warning do not wear scarves when it is too hot out!  Looking sexy isn’t worth a stroke and this product is not intended for extreme heat!

The Pictures below will be helpful in filling out the survey that will be coming shortly.  For some reason the survey will not let me upload pictures… When viewing the 18 different options below please make a mental and or written note of your favorite combinations to be able to fill out the survey painlessly.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us know how you like your scarf (Pictures welcome) and tell all of your friends who fly a lot, travel internationally, are active (hike, jog, surf, etc), or simply look good in scarves.”


-The Scarf Guys

P.S. Click here to pick your scarf and join the party!

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