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Getting a color consensus – Participation encouraged – Kickstarter update 3/5 from 4/22/16

Testing Indo-Scarf out at Stone Mountain State Park, NC
Testing Indo-Scarf out at Stone Mountain State Park, NC

“Good morning Backers and Happy Earth Day!

We will soon be making decisions on final colors/patterns/designs for the scarves and we would love to have your input.

2 backers chose the “*Pick a Color” pledge, so their choices will be made public when they come in. But we want to get a better feel for everyone’s preferences.

Please respond to the post or send an email stating any preferences or even send us a picture of your favorite pattern. The bullets below can be used in describing your preferences.

-Light or Dark

-Calm or Busy

-Ideal scarf color

We appreciate your input and will do our best to compile your preferences to provide the best selection possible.

Also follow us on social media to get a glimpse at some of our past and current travels and to stay in the loop! Instagram: indo_scarf

Facebook: Indo-Scarf

We are off to go hug some trees. Thanks for the input and have a great day!

-The Scarf Guys”

P.S. Click here to pick your scarf and join the party!

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