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“40 Tourist Scams to Avoid This Summer” – by Just The Flight

Looking around I found this blog post by “Mark” on from July 18, 2014.  Even though it is a couple of years old I found the information still extremely relevant and hope that Ind0-Scarf customers will be well informed before their next travel.  If you have a story of a scam or know of an additional way that thieves are taking advantage of tourists please leave  a comment help everyone stay informed.  I hope you enjoy the blog and info-graphic below.

“Tourists are often the most vulnerable to scams; they are probably unfamiliar with the surrounding area, are often in need of help and information and tend to be trusting of locals, are likely not to question what they see or are told, often cannot speak the language where they are, and are probably carrying large amounts of cash and credit.

Most scammers are smart, they know how to cheat money out of tourists in ways that make identification difficult, if not impossible. Some scams are quite obvious once they have occurred, with the victim realizing they have been cheated but only after it is too late. Others are more subtle, where the victim may never realize that anything went wrong, and they rationalize that they have either lost of miscounted their money. Tourist scammers and pickpockets take advantage of weak laws and law enforcement, thereby allowing them to effectively operate indefinitely while nothing is stopping them.

Just The Flight are here to help you avoid getting scammed while on holiday. Our list of common tourist scams will help you avoid common scam situations, and help you become more alert and aware if you see one of these scams developing.”

Pickpocket Info
Pickpocket Info

If you were able to skim all the way through the 40 scams then you are prepared to take on the world and keep all of your belongings with you.  Please leave a comment below and let us know what you learned.


-The Scarf Guys

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