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Notes before takeoff – Edited Travel Blog Summary from 9/22/15 S.E. Asia Backpacking Trip (Post 1/7)


Greetings from Zen Ronald McDonald
Greetings from Zen Ronald McDonald

“I’m writing the first blog post for 2 reasons: 1st to give everyone an idea of how long a flight from LAX to Tokyo is, and 2nd to make sure that this program works as I have never blogged before and have absolutely no Idea what I’m doing.

My Flight leaves tomorrow at 12:50pm CST from Dallas Love Field Airport, from there i fly to Los Angeles, before hopping on a 18hr 40min flight to Tokyo.  When comparing it to the worlds longest cricket match which lasted 150 hours by a club in England it is just a blink of the eye, but cricket is a strange sport and 19 hours is just shy of a full day so disregard any comparison to Cricket; IT IS A LONG FLIGHT!  After a short layover in Tokyo I will be flying to Singapore where i will catch up with my travel group, Conrad, Lilly and Sarah, who left today but have a 23 hour layover in Singapore, then it’s off to Bangkok, Thailand together where the journey on foot begins.

As I mentioned this is my first time writing a blog, really even the first time writing in a journal since the 1st grade when we had homemade notebooks made out of cloth and most of the journal logging was done in elaborate cave drawing format (I come from a family of artists and it is clear that I didn’t get the same genes as they posses).  So that being said I am not sure how frequently I can or will be posting, but I would expect that I can populate a post weekly (Very lofty goal for such a sporadic backpacking trip now looking back at it) if not more and pictures will be going up frequently.  If anyone has suggestions on how to make this blog enjoyable please let me know as even tips on whether longer or shorter is better, frequency so i don’t wear myself or others out.

Finally, thanks for taking part in this journey with us.  There are a million things to do in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia and we have researched and planned for many of them but not even touched the surface.  Please comment or email me if there are things that you think we might be able to enjoy(afford).  Thanks for all of the love and support as we do something that I would have never imagined.  I look forward to opening a new way of thinking and being able to understand cultures and ways of life that I have been shut off from and closed minded to in the past.

Let the adventure begin,”

-The Scarf Guys

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