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Dogwalker (Neon) Scarves on sale: In honor of my dog Bear!

Dogwalker (neon) scarves are now $5 off so you can enjoy being more visible on those late night jogs, bike rides, retro parties, and of course while walking your furry best friend.

The idea of naming the scarf “Dog-Walker” came about when thinking of how many work-out clothes are dark and the fact that my favorite night cap (closely followed by scotch and a cigar) was taking my dog Bear for a walk after dark.  He was a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier who was allergic to grass, peed on people’s feet when he first met them, fought with the vacuum cleaner, loved loved loved cheese, and had been my trusted K9 companion for nearly 12 years.  

We had to put Bear down today after months of joint pain, struggles walking, loss of appetite, and a few other problems that aren’t fun to talk about.  Sad to see him go, but refreshing to know he is out of pain and it has me thinking a lot about the bond and friendship we share with our pets.  Bear was one of my inspirations and I find it fitting to put the scarf that he helped name on sale.  In memory of Bear and in hopes that it helps keep you and your dog safe on all of your adventures, enjoy the Dogwalker scarf for $5 off.

Click here to get yours and please give your pup a pat on the head and a scratch behind the ears from us.


-The Scarf Guys

P.S.  I’m sure there are plenty of squirrels to chase, no vacuums, and endless piles of cheese in Dog Heaven.  Rest in Peace Bear Dog!


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