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The story behind a scarf that can change the world and how you view it.  It’s not everyday that you stumble through a small Indonesian Volcano town, but when you do you should be prepared for anything including threats from government officials, hotel rooms with the only means of showering is by dumping cold buckets of water over your head, and oh yeah a riveting business idea: Indo-Scarf

The Story:

It all started with two young travelers who had quit their day jobs to go and experience Southeast Asia, looking for answers on what to do for the rest of their lives. Full of passion, wanderlust, and good intentions, but no clue how to convert it into a sustainable future.

The journey started in Thailand, moved through Vietnam, stopped by Cambodia, and finished in Indonesia. After many crazy, exciting, and purely brilliant experiences, it came full circle and they found themselves back home in America in time for the Holidays.  Although the trip was over, a funny thing had happened when Marketing/Sales majors were exposed to a whole new world: everything new had been brainstormed and vetted as an opportunity. This made for exciting conversations, or think tanks, on 8 hour bus rides, 12 hour layovers, and calm nights chatting over a few of the local brews.

One night near the end of the trip while staying in a small town on an island in Indonesia, the most productive brainstorming session had taken place while sitting in a hostel pool, drinking Bin Tang (Indonesian beer that translates to “Star Dust”), when the right idea struck. Several days prior while hiking volcanoes they had bought modified sarongs from the locals who used them to carry goods and cab drivers would wrap up in them while waiting for groups they had driven up the mountain for sunrise. It was decided on that ‘star dust’ night that there was room for this product to grow back home.  With some re-sizing to make for a universal fit and adding a pocket, this could be the functional and secure scarf that travelers everywher needed.

The likelihood of getting robbed when traveling in dangerous areas if your belongings were wrapped around your neck instead of a flimsy strap hanging from your shoulder in a bag would be drastically lower.  And anything is better than awkwardly digging in your pants to get to your secret fanny pack (The looks you get can be comical though).

So once back in the US with that idea burning in the back of their minds it was time to take first steps. Making prototypes, and getting the opinions and feedback of friends and family (and many strangers while going about their typical day).  Next came building a crowd-funding campaign (Check out our very own Kickstarter page!) to generate hype and start receiving pre-orders from loyal supporters.

The capital raised was used for the inception of the company; filing for LLC status, purchasing domain name, building this website, and locking in manufacturing to make a beautiful product.


That is how a multifunctional scarf for travelers of all kinds was born.  With a secret pocket for stowing any valuables, so that you won’t get pickpocketed in a NY Subway or purse snatched by a motobike thief in Cambodia, and enough warmth to keep you comfortable during the uncertainty of travel (mostly weather).

The beauty of Indo-Scarf is that it can be worn traditionally as a single or double wrap around your neck, but also go well beyond that by serving an endless number of intentions.  Some of our favorite uses are “sling mode” where you can throw a water bottle, flashlight, or a friendly kitty in while hiking, then unroll it to “wrap” up in for warmth when it gets chilly at the peak of the Mountain. Lay it out on the beach for a seat because you forgot your towel, or pull it over your head like a hood to block the harmful sun rays beating down.  We know you are going to love your Indo-Scarf and we are looking forward to seeing how you prefer to wear it. (Our bet is that Movie Theater’s, Airports, and class are going to be top contenders, right along with mountains, beaches and wherever your travels take you)  Watch the video to see how we wear ours and some of our new favorite places!


Now you know our story, but it is hard to put into words the type of change that was instilled during our trip. We easily met some of the kindest people who just happen to live in a developing part of the world.  Some have very restrictive and saddening living situations. We want to establish a business model that allows us to contribute to the Countries and Regions that provided this idea and inspired this leap of faith, all while supplying warmth to the travelers of the world through sexy scarves.

This means partnering up with charities dedicated to the advancement of child development and economic growth, as well as outsourced production to achieve maximum authenticity, sharing in our success.  We need your help to get the word out about the Indo-Scarf so we can start revolutionizing the way people utilize scarves for travel and providing support to those in need.


The Scarf Guys

Now that you know our story click here to pick out a scarf and start writing yours!

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